About Silicon Surfers

My name is Bruce Knack.
I maintain a home office in the lovely city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada (about one hour west of Toronto). We have a terrific University, great parks…

… but that doesn’t really matter does it?
What you really need to know is…

Will I be able to get the job done?
Will it be done on time?
Will you be able to bring it in on budget?

In short, can you trust me?

Well… my portfolio speaks for itself. There is certainly plenty of work in North America, so I select projects I know I can contribute to. What I can’t do is get work in the future if I fail to complete your project.

Oh, there are a couple of other things I can’t really do…

  • SEO. I know how to help you build a clean site. I know that content really matters. I’m not a “SEO” guy.
  • Art type stuff. Take a look at this site… need I say more?
    On the other hand, I know someone who loves UI! What I can do is covert comps to pixel perfect pages.

On the other hand, if you need someone who:

  • Knows LAMP, Macs, PCs, etc…
  • Database design
  • API integration
  • Website development
  • How to work with staff at all levels
  • Will care about your project

Then please drop me a line at [email protected]
or give me a call (toll-free): +1 (800) 888-1682.