This is the first portfolio page!

Date of completion: 1/31/2014

Link: http://www.all9s.com

I developed the initial UI used to "onboard" clients and allow them to manage their services.

Date of completion: 8/6/2013

Link: http://www.bmwguggenheimlab.org

I was responsible for maintaining and extending numerous components, modules, plugins and themes which form an integral part of this award winning site.

Date of completion: 4/1/2012

Link: http://aboutlincolncenter.org/

Lincoln Center was revamping the look of their sites beginning with AboutLincolnCenter.org.

Date of completion: in progress

Link: http://mindports.com

A Web Evolution Authoring Platform.

Date of completion: 2/28/2013

Link: not applicable

Sends listings from craigslist to email.

Date of completion: 6/8/2005

Link: http://it.siliconsurfers.com

Silicon Surfers - Completely custom, light-weight and clean.

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