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About Silicon Surfers
A Bit of History
A bit of a cliché, we know... but what can we say? We love shiny new toys and our favorite kind are computers!

Silicon Surfers was founded to develop software on behalf of ourselves as well as our clients. We are happy to be able to say that some of our earliest systems are still very much alive and in use many years later.

Over the years we found ourselves gravitating more and more towards helping our clients maintain their software and computer related systems. Along the way, we shortened our name to Silicon Surfers.

Raison d’Être...
We have come to believe that our continued success is rooted on one thing: The continued success of our clients. To that end, we are dedicated to assisting our clients (in our capacity as their IT department) to prosper in their chosen field of endeavour.

Often, this goal means that we “fly under the radar” performing our tasks in the background with a minimum of fuss . From time to time, however, we may wish to present you with opportunities that we believe may save your company time, increase your efficiency or open you to new revenue possibilities.

Remote Support
One of our most surprising discoveries over the years has been that we are able to provide our clients with a compete support solution without ever physically setting foot in their offices!

This may sound ridiculous, but hear us out...

Regular Visits

One common support model involves regular scheduled visits. In general, you would pay a flat fee each month and a technician would be sent to your offices on a regular basis. While this person is in your facility, they work away at any problems you may have had since their last visit.

While it can be reassuring to have someone visit your offices regularly, there is a tendency to “save up” problems for “when the tech comes”. Further, it is unusual for the amount of work to match the set number of hours available. If there is more work than can be accommodated, something has to be put off until the next visit. If there is not enough work... well the technician seems to find something to do, most of the time.

We use a “just-in-time” model of support. Our staff are available as needed. We are able to deal with many issues within 15 minutes of receiving your call. Depending on the type of service you desire, we may even call you to report a problem that we are working to solve before you are even aware of it!

Of course, we provide you with a detailed monthly report of our activities on your behalf. In addition, since we do all this from our offices, your staff does not have to “host” us. This minimizes the disruption that an on-site visit can cause.

On-Site Service Visit

If you do call with an urgent problem, you may wish us to dispatch a technician to deal with it. Unfortunately, it is a common practice to bill “door-to-door” for impromptu service. So, in addition to waiting half an hour or more for the tech to show up, you are also paying while they make the trip. Hmm...

We avoid this wait time and the “door-to-door” expense by leveraging your existing computers and internet connection to trouble shoot the problem over the phone! If needed we will happily work with your staff on their computer to fix the problem. We are more than happy to train the caller so that you are empowered to avoid the problem in future. All this is provided at their workstation without the need to wait (or pay for) us to arrive and without the disruption caused by hosting someone in your offices and trying to squeeze two people into a work station.

In very rare cases you may have a hardware problem. In general, you will be well served to contact the original vendor of the equipment. As an alternative, you may use a local retail operation such as Staples to replace a particular part. No matter the route you elect to take, we will happily interact with these vendors on your behalf to expedite repairs.

Customized Support
Many support firms are reluctant to offer support for any specialized software (especially “home grown”) that you may have. This extends to not wishing to support delicately integrated sets of software upon which much of your business functions may rely.

This reluctance is understandable. They have not been contracted to become intimately familiar with your specific custom software and systems...

We have found that our long term interests are best served when we make it our business to serve all of your computing needs. This means that we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to know you and your hand crafted systems. This represents an investment in time for us (and to be fair, for you as well). The benefits are that we will be able to provide the type of support that will have you sleeping like a baby especially as regards your customized systems!

Concierge Service
In much the same way that a concierge at a fine hotel would be able to set you up with tickets to a difficult to get into play, we are happy to intercede on your behalf when dealing with vendors (or would-be vendors) of computer and computer related hardware, software and services. From helping to decipher the techno-jargon to teleconferencing with them during a meeting to actually chatting with them directly, we are in your corner.

Ultimately, this is the one thing that none of us can get enough of. We are dedicated to freeing up the time you currently have to dedicate to the computer related aspects of your business. Once you have this time back, you may find yourself able to better focus on your business... On the other hand, maybe it’s time to take that trip with the family to Disney!

“Silicon Surfers has been contracted to redevelop our community website. During the development process, they have been very responsive to our requests. We’ve worked as a team to ensure the new website meets all VWN’s expectations. Our collaboration will continue after the site is complete as Silicon Surfers will manage our relationship with the hosting company etc.”

Arnice Asquin, Coordinator, Executive Core, Valley Women’s Network
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