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Disaster Avoidance

We will develop a custom suite of automated software, proactive alerts and reports to help you avoid a myriad of pitfalls.
  • Anti-Virus software will protect your individual computers as well as your network servers and email.
  • At least two industry leading products will keep your systems free of spyware.
  • We will employ a number of techniques to reduce SPAM. We can also help if you’ve been blacklisted!
  • We will work with you to develop a backup regime that is monitored and tested to ensure it is working and will work in the event that you need to recover from a disaster.
  • We will deploy software that will monitor your computer network including all servers, printers, routers, computers etc., etc. 24/7/365. This will include automated alerts if the system detects any abnormalities.

We will tailor these measures to reflect your particular needs and challenges.

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