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We save you time so you can get back to business!
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We want to be your IT department!

We realize that you are likely here out of a feeling of desperation and with some sense of foreboding.

You started your business with a vision of what you wanted to accomplish. Whether you wanted to make the world's best cardboard boxes, produce environmentally friendly yard care products or provide your clients with the best service possible. The point is you had a goal and you've travelled a long way to get here.

After all your hard work you've succeeded!

... only to find that your burgeoning enterprise has entangled you like the mythical Hydra. Rather than spend time doing what you love, you are required to be a sales force, HR department, legal scholar, operations manager, IT department etc. etc.

This leaves you with precious little time to devote to your original love. Worse yet, you're forced to spend more and more "discretionary time" at work.

If you allow us to be your IT department, we promise to provide you with top notch IT management and support. We'll also free up some of your precious time.

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