Technologies: Git

This project took over two years!

UsWeMe provides an fun and easy new way for everyone to organize, manage, and share all their social and messaging sites in one place. Their friends can follow all their interactions from one UsWeMe.

For public persons, sports teams, or other institutions etc. this provides a fun and convenient way for their fans to follow all their entire social media presence.

We have created a webapp that runs on phones, tablets and laptops — even desktops. 😉

It has been designed to load lightning fast over a 4g connection and behave like a full blown app (it’s a PWA).

It allows folks to login using Google or Facebook. This ensures a secure connection that has been vetted by millions of people on a daily basis.

We use APIs extensively to make it significantly easier for folks to add their desired social media sites.

We’ve been careful to keep our UI as clean and unobtrusive as possible.

We use Google App Engine, Standard Edition on the backend.

Initially we deployed on a dedicated server using Firebase for login services, but moved directly to Google and Facebook to reduce code bloat.

The images below depict a few screens as seen on a phone vs a laptop…

Date of completion: in beta


Short description: Coming Soon

Date of completion: 1/31/2014

Short description: Developed the initial UI used to “onboard” clients and allow them to manage their services.

Date of completion: 8/6/2013


Short description: Responsible for maintaining and extending numerous components, modules, plugins and themes which formed an integral part of this award winning site.