Technologies: HTML5

Cooper Standard on behalf of Media Genesis.

This was a ground up build and development effort seeking to completely restructure the existing site into a new design running on the latest version of Drupal core 8. We included new templates with the expectation that no content would be migrated over. The completed site incorporates over 65 pages with custom layouts and features that may be selected in the CMS.

It uses custom content types and dozens of paragraph types. The custom theme also includes custom JavaScript, CSS and twig.

Please note that as this is a corporate site, I have elected not to include screen-shots. I encourage you to look through the site for an idea of its scope and custom nature.

Date of completion: 2018.12.21


Short description: Cooper Standard ISG complete rebuild to Drupal 8.

Date of completion: in beta


Short description: Coming Soon

Date of completion: 2014.01.31

Short description: Developed the initial UI used to “onboard” clients and allow them to manage their services.

Date of completion: 2013.08.06


Short description: Responsible for maintaining and extending numerous components, modules, plugins and themes which formed an integral part of this award winning site.